Blackberry Messenger Cheat: Symbols and Flags

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Virtual Queuing Systems

The Fancy Character app has all the symbols that have been passed down and then a few addition. The first symbols you find are the BlackBerry ones, these include the lightening bolt, the umbrella, the BlackBerry 3G symbol, and the card suites. The second set featured is the Astrology symbols. The next set is characterized by the arrows going both ways, and has directional symbols. The last is the the editing marks and math marks. This is so much funner than any other way. Before, you had to copy a symbol, paste them in AutoText with a phrase to replace with your symbol. It would take a moment and you had to remember what you saved each symbol under. Not only that when you’re typing, you must type the word to be replaced, space, and your symbol appears.

Now, you pick the category, then the symbol and it’s inserted. That comfortable, that easy. it’s cheap. If you have ever wondered “How do they get that symbol?” Or willing to do more and can’t get enough blackberry symbols, this is the blackberry app you’ve been waiting for. Get Fancy Character Appplication now! Make your friends surprised by putting fancy symbols in EMAIL, SMS (GSM only), IM and PIN messages and status! I hope this blackberry application review is useful.


Q: It inserts ‘?’ instead of characters to the SMS

A: Go to options-sms and change encoding from 7bit to SC2. Unless you’re on CDMA version. CDMA SMS is very limited and does not support unicode unfortunately though email/pin and other will work.

Q: Can I have more symbols

A: You have to install “East Asian Language and Input Support” in bb desktop manager. Those Asian fonts have all unicode characters required. This applies to 5.0 OS mostly. Older devices may lack some symbols.

Q: Why cannot I see colored smiles introduced in v2.0

A: Those colored smiles works exclusively in BlackBerry Messenger so make sure you update your BBM first if needed. Features: * Integrates to any application * Several categorized tabs for easy characters access * 250+ Colored Smiles (BBM5) * 200+ Country Flags support (BBM5)

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