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Queue Mobile Fast Pass

Jun 17, 2016   //   by admin   //   Health Care, Restaurant Solutions, Virtual Queuing Systems

We highly recommend the Queue Mobile Fast Pass iOS application for managing same day appointments using their kiosk App.  Great for special events, health care and higher education. Contact Queue Mobile at 203-715-4780

Loyalty SMS Kiosks Rewards Customers as well as Merchants

Aug 13, 2013   //   by admin   //   Restaurant Solutions, SMS Mobile Technology

Loyalty kiosk systems are the latest trend in digital marketing for small and large business. What Is A Loyalty Store Kiosk? A Loyalty  Kiosk mobile marketing system is a web based touch screen application for tablets, that can easily be placed in stores, restaurants, entertainment and sports venues or just about any where a business or organization wants to build a loyalty CRM.  The concept is a digital punch card, similar to the famous Subway, Sub Club punch card, however there is no costs associated with a card based system (which can cost up to 5 cent per card). It’s quick and easy for a customer to register and  the business can easily build campaigns, change campaigns and track customer loyalty and redemption all from the web. Best of all it’s easy to build your marketing CRM. Customers don’t have to text in a short code or hand write their […]

Innovations: How Restaurant Text Pager Systems Work.

Feb 18, 2012   //   by admin   //   Restaurant Solutions, Uncategorized

A video presentation on the value proposition of the marketing leading restaurant text pager system, Mobile Matradee used by Dave & Busters, Chili’s and Rafferty’s Restaurants.

Mobile Technologies Offer Restaurants a High Return on Investment

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Restaurant Solutions, SMS Mobile Technology

The restaurant industry continues to struggle through the great a recession. John Long, the President and founder of Guest Text is a seasoned veteran of the restaurant industry and a key strategy to his success is leveraging the benefits technologies can bring to bear. John knows first hand what’s required to successfully operate a restaurant in these difficult economic conditions. He’s restaurant, Flat Rock Grill, is thriving in an other wise difficult economy. His approach is a consistent delivery of high quality services and exceptional value. That only goes so far when your customer base has shrunk as a result of the recession. He also is an avid believer is the power of technology, partiulary mobile technology such as SMS text messaging and the mobile web. So much so he has developed a suite of mobile solutions for the restaurant industry. His turn key solution is Guest Text. Guest Text […]

Restaurant Cell Phone Pager Systems the Top 10 Benefits Over Coaster Pagers

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Restaurant Solutions

Restaurant Coaster Pager have changed the way restaurants manage their waiting lists. Now Restaurant Cell Phone Pagers are the technological evolution in coaster pagers. Before restaurant coaster pagers host staff called out guest names over a PA system or hollered out their names across the bar or lobby. This method was, and still is, inefficient and frowned upon by guests. The development of coaster pagers that blink, beep and vibrate when a table is ready changed the business, now the cell phone did it again. Restaurants no longer needed costly coaster pagers to notify guests when their table is ready. Guests find greater satisfaction using their own personal restaurant cell pager or restaurant text pager, it affords them greater freedom and enjoyment while they wait i.e. apps, games, texting and calls. Building upon the restaurant coaster pager concepts restaurant cell phone pagers, also known as restaurant text pagers, are becoming […]

The Reasons that Twitter Turns Out To Be A Critical Online Marketing Resource

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Restaurant Solutions, Virtual Queuing Systems

There once was a time in which promoting businesses was an incredibly tedious task. You had to spend hours in forums and trying to get people’s e-mail addresses. Your marketing was just as important offline as it was online. These days you can find many tools that can help you promote your internet business that you won’t have to spend half the time you once did on your marketing campaign. Once you use one of these tools, you will be able to target millions of people to check out what you have to offer. One of the easiest tools to use is Twitter. In the last year or two, Twitter has been an Internet phenomenon and has sprung up out of nowhere. There aren’t many people out there who don’t have a Twitter account. Ignoring Twitter is no longer a smart option. Provillus is a world best hair loss treatment. […]

Is Social Mobile Marketing the Future or a Fad?

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Restaurant Solutions, Virtual Queuing Systems

Is Social Mobile Marketing a Fad or the Future of Restaurant Marketing? The restaurant industry has experienced the steepest decline in traffic in the last three decades. Fine dining restaurants are feeling the effects of greatly reduced receipts and this segment in particular has contracted significantly in the number of open restaurants. Full service and casual dining restaurants are experiencing flat sales. Fast food chains are seeing flat to marginal sales trends, none of which looks to improve in 2010 with an unemployment rate of over 9%. Cost retrenchment only goes so far and customer aquistion is a necessity. This requires a sound marketing strategy that you can afford, and according to Andy Hall of the blog Restaurant Trendz, “that’s the balancing act.” Most restaurants in today’s economic climate can’t afford prime time commercials, major print advertising campaign. Radio, although cost effective, alone may not be enough. Many restaurants have […]

Guide to Great Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Restaurant Solutions

The Next Generation of Restaurant Guest Pagers In the world of restaurant marketing ideas THAT ARE WORKING for other restaurant owners, very few have as immediate an impact as the new restaurant text pager systems. Innovators such as Text2Seat and Mobile Matradee are revolutionizing the restaurant pager industry according Mobile Trendz These restaurant text pagers not only lowers operating costs and are much more sanitary than traditional restaurant pager systems, some have the capability to drive traffic through mobile marketing applications, which are the next generation of direct marketing. A Great Restaurant Marketing Idea Short Message Service (SMS) marketing instantly gives you the ability to text message people as to the availability of your tables, enable your to turn your tables quicker without a costly restaurant beeper pager system. Once the guest agrees to join your mobile marketing campaign the restaurant now has the most direct access to their guests […]

First the car Phone, then the iPhone and now Restaurant Text Pagers?!

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Restaurant Solutions

Mobile phones have evolved into today’s restaurant text pagers, the clean and cost effective alternative to restaurant beeper systems. Mobile Matradee® is the latest innovation in call a head seating / restaurant reservation system that is designed specifically for restaurant text pagers. The evolution of the mobile phone from the analog bag phone of the 80s to the slim down digital flip phones of the 90s to the 4G web enabled smart phones of today is simply a remarkable example of technological improvement and value. Whether you have a feature phone or a smart phone the fact is you also a restaurant text pager. Yes, that’s right, if your phone can receive a text message or even a call it is now a restaurant text pager or hotel text pager for that matter, depending upon whether you are lodging or dining. Mobile Matradee’s web hosted restaurant pager system sends a […]

The Restaurant Beeper System…And Then Suddenly We’re Booked Tonight Relief, Must be Mobile MatradeeThe Restaurant Beeper System…And Then Suddenly We’re Booked Tonight Relief, Must be Mobile Matradee

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Restaurant Solutions

You’re about to discover a restaurant beeper system unlike any other. We all know that SMS text messaging is the wave of the future with local merchants using it to increase revenues by $3.1 Billion by 2013, now implementing your own mobile marketing strategy could not be easier. A restaurant seating management solution that functions as a restaurant beeper system with an integrated restaurant marketing program built right in!! What a great restaurant marketing idea. Think about it, what’s the most direct marketing there is? How about a text coupon right to your guest’s cell phone. Mobile marketing is proven: 95% of text messages are read 75% of text messages are read instantly Mobile coupon promotion have been as high as 10% to 15% responses 9 out 10 of your customers have a cell phone. Mobile Matradee is the The restaurant marketing idea that takes the concept of direct marketing […]


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