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Welcome to the Social Mobile Trends blog.

The purpose of our blog is to dicussus the latest trends in the social media and mobile communication industry. The explosion in social networking sites, with over 700,000 registered users worl wide, is transforming our way of life, bringing us closer as a globlle society as well as providing businesses and industry with a new and powerful communication and marketing channel.

A primary reason for explosive growth in social networking is driven by today’s personal hand held communication devise the mobile phone. The mobile phone is the single most empowering device on the planet, wheather you are looking for a restaurant on Yelp! or calling a local villager in West Aferica. There are over 4 billion people with cell phones, 5 times more mobile phones than laptops and computers, 272 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. 91% of them keep there phones within three of themselves 24/7.

As the founder of Fulcrum Design, LLc, a strategic management and web design firm I have been capitivated by the social mobile phenomon. My firm now develops solutions and stategies to assist businesses, not-for-profits, health care providers and individuals to leverage the growth in social mobile penetration. Our talent team have developed solutions for ESPN’ Interactive, AT&T, Wheeler & Company Advertising Agency, Viva Vacation Club, The Max Restaurant Group and Dave & Busters to name a few.

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