Loyalty SMS Kiosks Rewards Customers as well as Merchants

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Loyalty kiosk systems are the latest trend in digital marketing for small and large business.

What Is A Loyalty Store Kiosk?

A Loyalty  Kiosk mobile marketing system is a web based touch screen application for tablets, that can easily be placed in stores, restaurants, entertainment and sports venues or just about any where a business or organization wants to build a loyalty CRM.  The concept is a digital punch card, similar to the famous Subway, Sub Club punch card, however there is no costs associated with a card based system (which can cost up to 5 cent per card). It’s quick and easy for a customer to register and  the business can easily build campaigns, change campaigns and track customer loyalty and redemption all from the web. Best of all it’s easy to build your marketing CRM. Customers don’t have to text in a short code or hand write their email address. Just tap and click. “Touch screen kiosks have never been more affordable”, according to Roger Clark, a retailer in Hartford, Connecticut. “With the low price of a tablet today anyone can deploy a touch screen kiosks with out breaking the bank.”

The difference between a SMS loyalty kiosk campaign and a traditional email or SMS campaign is the customer engagement.  A loyalty kiosk is simple, customers see a call to action on a “cool” tablet at the counter and they just tap in their  information to earn points by “check in” to win a reward, i.e.”10 Check Ins earns a $5 gift card” Thanks to social media, Checking In has become a habit of many consumers, now the customer can check in at their favorite venue and earn a reward for their loyalty.

The Business Case 

From a business perspective the SMS loyalty kiosk system is a much more effective and easier way to build marketing list and reward your customers for their loyalty .  Customers don’t have to text into a short code, which many don’t know how to do. Or write down their email address on slip of paper which is hardly legible. Furthermore it’s easy, customers just tap in their name and cell number for example, to earn points towards their next visit. Customers are drawn to the kiosks out of curiosity, especially when it positioned near the check out.  The Merchant benefits from setting the number of required check-ins required to earn a reward, unlike other types of promotion, such as daily deals, email clubs or even traditional mobile marketing that requires blasting a deep discount to drive traffic.  By setting the number of check-ins the merchant doesn’t have to discount and can count of revenue for purchases for each check-in prior to the customer earning a reward.  In other words the ROI is much greater and doesn’t diminish your pricing.

Engaging Customers with Loyalty Kiosk

Customers will first register to join the loyalty kiosk by providing basic CRM data, including name, cell number and email . They will instant get credited for their first “check in” and receive a text message to their phone confirming their check in credit. Loyalty Kiosk Registration

The platform uses a points based system that allows customers to earn points for answering a call to action, spending in-store or online. Customers simply “check-in” by entering their cell phone number each time they make a purchase at the merchant’s business. Most merchants will install the kiosk near the register to assure the customer makes a purchase prior to “checking in”.

On returning to the store, customers enter their cell number at the kiosk. Each time they check in they earn points which encourages customers to frequently revisit a store. The amount of times a user can login in a 24hr period can be limited to avoid fraud and double dipping. By requiring a valid cell phone number to “check-in” prevents fraud and manipulation verse just a name or email address.

Each kiosk is free standing, can be branded, and is independent of in-store POS systems, no integration is required. The kiosk simply requires an internet connection by ether cable or DSL. The kiosk is an interactive, dynamic web page that that renders to a tablet of your choice, Droid or Apple. To learn more a set up a demo email bmunson@ymail.com or call 203-715-4780.







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