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Fulcrum Design, LLC

     A  Software development firm

Now is the best time in internet history to develop your own software business according to the experts at Fulcrum Design, a boutique customer software development firm located on Connecticut. The reason, the broadband capacity of todays modern fiber optic internet.  Developing desktops software was expensive and costly to maintain and update, not to mention it had to be designed for specific operating systems and as many of you remember, if Microsoft pushed a security update there was a good potential software on your desk top or network didn’t work or had conflicts. According to Brandon Munson, Princpal at Fulcrum Design, LLC, web hosted or cloud base software eliminates that hassle. It’s usually agnostic when it comes to what operating system you are running since it relies solely on your web browser.  Munson says, “Any quality software development firm is going to make sure their application runs great on all the major web browser.”
Fulcrum Design is also a preferred developer for EZ, the worlds largest retail text messaging platform.

The cost is another factor, usually a 1/3 less to develop the same application for a desktop application for a web hosted application.  I.T. departments usually favor web hosted solution because they don’t require special equipment or create security issues with their servers, not to mention the support is largely in the hands of the software firm.  Munson of Fulcrum Design “cautions, support is very important, although 80% of the time it is user error or internet connectivity your team has to be available to trouble and solve these issues right away.”

Another key element when seeking out the right software development firm is their capacity in both talent and code. For example, Fulcrum has developers available 16 hours a day 6 days a week. Coding including Cold Fusion 11, Java, Php, native iOS and Addroid apps among other codes. Their data center is located in the United States and is 99.8% up time.  An example of some of their work is:

Fulcrum Design, LLC offers custom software development, web design and health care information technology consulting services. The firm was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Connecticut with an office in Central Asia. Fulcrum specializes in custom SMS software applications such as virtual queue systems, mobile marketing platforms, restaurants text pagers and enterprise wide intranet and document management systems. We also offer health care consulting and strategic planning, IT related and non-IT related.

Health Care

Fulcrum Design is also a Direct Assistance Contractor to the Connecticut Regional Extension Center, a federal program to assist physicians with electronic medical record selection, adoption and implementation to achieve meaningful use. A sample of our clients include ESPN, New York Jets, Dave & Busters, Jordan Hospital, Meriden / Wallingford Independent Practice Association, Masonicare, Adams & Knight, Frugaldoo (Shoppers Edge) the Connecticut Science Center among among others.

Customer Service & Support Services
Customer Support – our commitment to client driven innovation requires a deep engagement with our clients to assure we are delivering the ROI they expect. We offer 7 day a week customer services and technical support. Our web hosted platforms enable us to effectively service any client any where in the world with speed and precision.  We strive for excellence in all we do.

Fulcrum Design’s Software as a Service Products a customer flow queue management application using SMS to create virtual waiting lines. a voice and text guest pager system used in lieu of restaurant coaster pagers. an interactive Mobile marketing and loyalty rewards kiosk application using SMS, and


Recent notable projects include the following: a business centric 2 way SMS text to order application integrating printers and kiosks. a proximity location marketing application using (non-GPS) technology. an SMS mobile marketing platform.

To learn more about Fulcrum Design contact them via there web page contact page 


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