Benefits of SMS Virtual Queue Management Systems for Retailers

Jun 14, 2012   //   by admin   //   Virtual Queuing Systems

No one likes waiting in queues. But queues are unavoidable for your customers if you are a retailer.

Lack of professional queue management systems in retail establishments can severely impact business. According to a recent study, 24% customers will abandon their purchases and walk out of the store when faced with long lines that appear stagnant.

Can you really afford to lose such a huge chunk of business?

The Solution?

While you cannot eliminate queues, it is possible to eliminate the need for your customers to wait in queues. And this is possible through the Queue Mobile an SMS virtual queue management system.

 The system replaces physical lines in your store with virtual queues. The SMS virtual queue management system can manage multiple virtual lines and is integrated with SMS text messaging technology. This means is that the system sends an SMS text to the customer when it is his/her turn at the till or at the trial room.

Implications of the SMS Virtual Queue Management System – Customer Benefits

  • The customer does not have to wait in the line to make payment or use the trial room. Once a staff member designated as the “Queue Manager” enters the customer details into the system, the customer is free to walk around your store. And he will be alerted by an SMS when his turn approaches.
  • The customer can check his ‘queue status’ at kiosks within the store or by interacting with the system via an SMS text.
  • The customer experience is transformed from ‘average’ to ‘astounding’ as you are (or the system is) showing respect for the customer’s most important resource – his time. The customer appreciates that he does not have to ‘waste’ his time waiting in the queue, but can utilize that time to do something else – having a cup of coffee or catching up on work emails.
  • A great customer experience is the first step to repeat business and positive recommendations. So more business to you.

Implications of the SMS Virtual Queue Management System – Retailer Benefits

Besides the intangible benefit of earning your customer goodwill, SMS virtual queue management systems can increase your business tangibly.

  • No lost sales due to walk-outs.
  • Customers hanging around the store, awaiting their turn, are likely to shop more. This is human nature and is backed by an International Council of Shopping Centers study. According to this study, a customer spends around $1 per minute while shopping. So a customer who has a 10 minute wait time can actually add a further $10 to your revenue for that day. Now this would not have been possible if he was standing in the line, would it?
  • Overcrowding at the till and trial rooms is eliminated, making the overall store management and security easier and more efficient.
  • Your staff behind the counter is more relaxed and performs better as they are not overwhelmed by large number of (usually irate) shoppers standing in front of them.
  • The system is simple to implement, requiring just an internet connection and a web browser. And it is intuitive, so that staff training for using the system in minimal.

Don’t make your customers wait. Implement the SMS virtual queue management system for your store today and reap the benefits.

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