2017 Best Android Apps for Business and Professionals – Lean SMS Ranked #1

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Lean SMS

Lean SMS, the first business class Android SMS App released its beta version 1.0 August 24 through http://LeanSMS.com  Social Mobile Trends Awarded Lean SMS as the best in class for business and professional users. This is a first that a beta version recieved a 5 Star rating.  The rating reflects Lean SMS intention of being the first world class business class SMS App.  The Lean design principles goes a long way in terms of an SMS App designed for business. Lean SMS scored 5s for concept, design, flow and function as business communication tool. Highlights include:

  • Prioritizing by Flagging important messages.
  • Categorizing messages by setting up folders on screen.
  • Organizing messages by assigning messages to folders.
  • Archiving or saving business communication.

Lean SMS combines the speed and read rate of SMS with the organizational capability of Gmail.

Evolution of SMS for Business

SMS text messaging has been used by employees for years, largely for important and time sensitive communication, typically to inform or remind a colleague or client to respond to an email that was sent, or to listen to an important voicemail that was left and not responded too. Another common deployment of SMS has been the SMS mobile marketing channel. Considering the early uses cases for SMS in business it is clearly considered highly effective, efficient and reliable. For example, 98% of all text messages are read almost immediately.  Compare that to email’s open rate of 44% and a timey read rate las low as 22%.  Another fact is the most common feature used on a cellphone is texting, which outstripped voice calls as far back as 2007.

Employer Need to Adopt an Enterprise SMS Solution
Many employers still don’t consider SMS as a formal channel for business communication, largely because they don’t have policies or protocols for this rapidly emerging B to B communication trend. Considering the rapidly changing competitive market place, employers can’t afford to prohibit their employees from using SMS messaging, rather employers need to adopt best practices to optimize the opportunity.  A recent study by CIO Business insight revealed business users have closed deals through SMS.

Phase 2 Lean SMS Communicator
Two drawbacks for the business uses of SMS. 1.) There is no SMS apps designed specifically for the business power user.  2.) The challenge for the employer is meeting regulatory and compliance requirements associated with digital communications. Phase 2 development of Lean SMS is Lean Communicator, an enterprise cloud solutions for SMS and secured messaging and voice. Lean Communicator will provide employers an end to end messaging solution that handles corporate and federal compliance requirements. Furthermore, employers will know longer need to purchase a business line and a smart phone for each of its employees “hoping” employees will conduct business over the corporate cell phone in order to meet compliance.  However, employees find it cumbersome to carry and manage two phones, they would prefer the employer to reimbursement them a percentage for using their own phone, thus saving the company $600 on smart phones along with the monthly fees associated with each additional mobile business line. Compliance regulations require employers to maintain digital records, which isn’t possible if an employee is terminated for quits.  The employee leaves with the company’s data.  Lean Communicator will sync with Lean SMS thus enabling the employee to use their own device while Lean Communicator syncs, retrieves and achieves all SMS communications in the App’s business folder. A win / win for employer and employee.

Visit Lean SMS to download the beta version and share your feedback.


Lean SMS was designed and developed by Fulcrum Design,LLC.

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