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Is Social Mobile Marketing the Future or a Fad?

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Restaurant Solutions, Virtual Queuing Systems

Is Social Mobile Marketing a Fad or the Future of Restaurant Marketing? The restaurant industry has experienced the steepest decline in traffic in the last three decades. Fine dining restaurants are feeling the effects of greatly reduced receipts and this segment in particular has contracted significantly in the number of open restaurants. Full service and casual dining restaurants are experiencing flat sales. Fast food chains are seeing flat to marginal sales trends, none of which looks to improve in 2010 with an unemployment rate of over 9%. Cost retrenchment only goes so far and customer aquistion is a necessity. This requires a sound marketing strategy that you can afford, and according to Andy Hall of the blog Restaurant Trendz, “that’s the balancing act.” Most restaurants in today’s economic climate can’t afford prime time commercials, major print advertising campaign. Radio, although cost effective, alone may not be enough. Many restaurants have […]

Stay Safe Online – Install Antivirus Internet Security

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Virtual Queuing Systems

The World Wide Web is full of cyber criminals designing viruses with the intent of invading and infecting your computer. Viruses affect PCs in different ways and while some cause merely a casual and temporary disruption, others can lead to serious damage, causing huge repair bills and precious data loss. The common term used to refer to programs designed to damage a computer is malware (malicious software). Malware usually fits into the following categories; viruses, trojans, spyware, worms, risk ware, adware and Phishing Sites. Malware can attack your computer while you are casually surfing the internet, it may be attached or embedded within incoming e-mails, or it may be part of a file that you download from a web site. Viruses can work in extremely complicated and diverse ways, making it very difficult to track them down. Simply being ‘vigilant’ whilst using your computer is not enough, and will not […]

Computers- The Essential Tool Of The 21st Century

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Virtual Queuing Systems

There are computers everywhere.  Whether we realize it or not, we use computers all the time.  In this day and age, a person is more reliant on his computer than anything else – especially his personal computer or the PC. For many, the PC is much more than just a gadget  – it is an essential tool for a lifestyle.  It organizes one’s daily activities, hold an immense amount of information and be the cornerstone for a person’s daily liveliness and workings. With such reliance on it, one has to ask: how do I pick the perfect personal computer? Before you start out on the features, you first have to ask yourself: will I need this PC to be with me most of the time?  Do you have a great need for mobility?  If you tend to require access to the computer a lot during the course of your day, […]

Windows Installer Errors

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Virtual Queuing Systems

Windows installer could be explained as an engine that is responsible for installation and removal of application in Windows operating system. It is a part of the Windows Installer Service, a technology created by Microsoft to standardize installations on the Windows platform. Windows installer error typically has two main reasons. One of them occurs when any of installer files is currupted or missing. This leads to Windows not being able to launch right system files to finish installation of software. File that Windows is trying to start is corrupt, meaning that the data and code is either scrambled or incomplete and thus cannot be fixed within the system. This kind of error occurs often when program is downloaded from the internet. The other type of error is associated with Windows installer MSI (Microsoft Software installation) package file, which could be in use while installing a software. One day you may […]

What do smart phones have to do with mobile marketing?

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Virtual Queuing Systems

Nielsen expects smartphones to account for more than half of the US mobile phone market by 2011. Nielsen predicts smartphones will account for 24% of the US mobile phone market in Q1 2010 and rise to about 33% market share by Q4 2010, 2011 smart phones will be over 50% o the mobile phone market (Marketing Active mobile video users grew by 57% from the fourth quarter of 2008 to the fourth quarter of 2009, from 11.2 million to 17.6 million. Much of this increase can be linked to the strong growth of smartphones in the marketplace. This is important because smart phones have robust text messaging and mobile web applications and virtually all smart phone users have both texting plans as well as the mobile web of course feature phones can do the same just not as good, the point is more and more customers are migrating up […]

Why 2010 is the time for your mobile marketing Campaign

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Virtual Queuing Systems

Maybe you have been on the fence with executing a mobile marketing campaign. You see the iPhone everywhere, perhaps you even have one. You now find yourself texting, at least to your teenage children. Perhaps you are using your phone as a tool rather than a communication device, to get directions via your GPS, to find a restaurant or phone number through your mobile Internet and what about all these mobile applications? Mobile Facts and Figures Now we know Google,the grand daddy of internet search and advertising has launched it’s own mobile operating system, the Droid along with it’s own handset!!! Think about it, what is a search engine / advertising company investing so heavily in the mobile channel for? Because it’s the future of how we as a mobile society communicate and market to each other and it’s hear today. Lets refresh some of the statistics: • 4 billion […]


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