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API’s-What is an Application Interface

Oct 30, 2015   //   by admin   //   Offshore, Software Development and Designs, Strategic Consulting

Thanks to high speed broadband technology the internet has been transformed into the “programable web” as a result of API’s which enable the sharing of databases over the web using application programable interfaces or “APIs”. API’s enable the sharing of old and new databases, thus bringing customers and business partners together in order to rapidly deploy new applications without starting from scratch. Connecting a legacy systems to a new application cuts development time by 80% in some cases. An example of an API is the ability for a e-commerce site to accept credit cards. Rather than building a merchant services application from end to end, an application interface enables you to code a connection between your site and Paypal for example, to accept payment. The time to code a Paypal interface can range for 1 hour to 4 hour depending on the complexity of the transactions, however the time to […]

Benefits of Offshoring Software Development and Support

Jun 23, 2012   //   by admin   //   Offshore, Software Development and Designs

Computer software has become an integral part of business today. The local grocer has software for managing his inventory and individuals use software for preparing their tax returns. Now, thanks to Apple and the iPhone, we have access to hundreds of thousands of software applications right in the palm of our hands! Software development is now accessible and affordable to just about any business.  The key is finding the right software developer, that can not only build your application but support it well into the future. Significance of Software Development for Businesses Software aims to simplify tasks and reduce the chances of human error. Any business is a combination of several functional areas and activities that occur simultaneously. Without suitable software at essential points, there is considerable loss of efficiency and thus business. Software development for businesses is an ongoing activity. As business trends change, the demand for software applications […]

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