Guide to Great Restaurant Marketing Ideas

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The Next Generation of Restaurant Guest Pagers
In the world of restaurant marketing ideas THAT ARE WORKING for other restaurant owners, very few have as immediate an impact as the new restaurant text pager systems. Innovators such as Text2Seat and Mobile Matradee are revolutionizing the restaurant pager industry according Mobile Trendz These restaurant text pagers not only lowers operating costs and are much more sanitary than traditional restaurant pager systems, some have the capability to drive traffic through mobile marketing applications, which are the next generation of direct marketing.

A Great Restaurant Marketing Idea

Short Message Service (SMS) marketing instantly gives you the ability to text message people as to the availability of your tables, enable your to turn your tables quicker without a costly restaurant beeper pager system. Once the guest agrees to join your mobile marketing campaign the restaurant now has the most direct access to their guests via their cell phone. Restaurant marketing ideas come and go, but suddenly you are able to fill your tables through a mobile device is stunning. Guest of course can opt-out or not subscribe too.

Power of Mobile Marketing

Think about it, with these new call ahead restaurant text seating systems you can leverage the explosive growth of mobile marketing to drive instant traffic to your restaurant when you need it most. 9 out 10 customers have a cell phone and 95% of text messages are read instantly. If you have the the right value offer you could see a 10% to 15% response rate. Mobile loyalty programs work very well for this channel. Guests love the idea they can redeem the offer just by flashing their cell phone to the server. Not more misplacing or losing the coupon.

How Text Pager Systems Work
Innovative restaurant text pager systems like Mobile Matradee and Text2Seat convert the cell phone into a restaurant beeper pagers. They don’t require transmitter hardware, just a broadband connection and a browser. You simply logon to a secured web portal to access the program. Another advantage is the built in wait management systems. Mobile Matradee offers a full reservation and table management system with reporting capabilities. Restaurant pager systems sure can’t do that.

Mobile Trivia
A great restaurant marketing idea is using mobile trivia application guests can play and win free prizes in order to bring them into your restaurant. This goes beyond simply sending out text coupons but rather engages your guests in something fun, which in turn generates a buzz. Try a mobile phone trivia demo on the web. Click to Demo Mobile Trivia

We recommend Mobile Matradee, Text2Seat and for a robust SMS mobile marketing application consider Mobile VIP. Learn more

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