Higher Education and Cell Phone Pager Systems

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Savvy University and college Student Affairs Administrators are adopting virtual waiting line management systems with integrated cell phone / text pager systems. The goal is to address the notoriously long lines for student services such as enrollment services, registrar, financial aide and bursar among others. Students and families find this frustrating and time consuming and expect more in terms of customer service for the cost of tuition. You also don’t want to give a family or student a reason to seek their degree online, especially when online enrollment is now exceeding brick and mortar enrollment levels, according to the Sloan Report. Yes it’s good news enrollment is up but if you can’t manage the demand student retention will begin to drop off.

Student / Customer Scenario

Student Centered Prospective – It’s the start of a new semester, enrollment is at record highs, classes have just started but you are stuck in a long registration line to add a class that just opened up and you need to follow up on your financial aide. You also need to review your perquisites at the Records Office to assure you can register for that class you’ve been waiting to add. You arrive at the Student Services building to find out everyone else has the same tasks to get done too, now you find yourself waiting in lines when you should be in class or at least at the book store buying the last used Chem 101 textbook for under $200.

Mobile Technology Trends

The solution is the virtual wireless waiting line management and student notification system built specifically for the higher education. It’s the right solution, 98% of all college students have a cell phone and the read rate of text messages is 95% (emails about 33%). According to Blog.Socialmobiletrends.com, cell phone pager system technology is replacing the vibrating coaster pagers of the 1990s by setting new standard for wait list management in the restaurant industry.

The Solution: Virtual Wireless Waiting Line Managment

Universities and colleges that want to efficiently manage their administrative appointments and waiting lines can now offer students a “mobile” alternative. Instead of waiting in line students can enter their name and cell phone number into a web portal, kiosk or mobile queue on their phone for the specific department they need to visit. They will get a confirmation text message confirming their virtual place in line or a confirmation of a specific appointment time. Students now have the freedom to pursue their studies while they wait, follow up on other tasks or join other virtual administrative customer service lines. Students even get reminder messages when their time is growing near. Students can even opt out of the virtual wait line if need be. This takes the frustration out of waiting in lines and the pressure off the university’s administrative staff as well. The return on investment is likely enrollment retention and the ability to free up your administrative staff from fielding complaints and the more efficient management of their appointments.

Mobile technology is more than a communication device it is a customer relationship tool that can add value to your institution of higher education. How could you imagine a virtual student services waiting line management and integrated cell phone / text pager systems benefit your university or college?

Brandon Munson, MBA, is the founder of Fulcrum Design, LLc, a technologist, a university professor and a blogger. Fulcrum Design developed the best of breed restaurant text / voice restaurant pager solution Mobile Matradee. Student Q U 2 is a 3 in 1 virtual wireless wait list management solution for colleges and universities. To learn more about Student Q U 2 visit the blog http://mobilevipbiz.blogspot.com

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