How Text Messaging by College Admissions Can Increase Enrollment

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Hollerback! is an SMS higher education student engagement platform.  SMS or Text Messaging is effective for college student enrollment and engagement.  99% of college students text message, according to a Ball State Study, students perfer SMS text messaging over all other forms of communication.  SMS has been around since 1985 and although the cell phone has evolved into a “Smart” phone,  the overwhelming use of today’s cell phone is not for voice calls or even Facebook, it SMS messaging.

According to  article, Breaking Down the FAFSA with SMS Drives Higher Enrollment
She notes text messaging is the key to egaging with millennials.  For a lot of high school seniors, paperwork like the FAFSA can seem hopeless. So hopeless, actually, that students don’t fill it —and hence don’t successfully register for college. Not good for higher education and not good for high school graduating students.  Like anything complex, what happens when you break the FAFSA down into smaller, manageable steps? Step by step support for example, by text message? A 2013 study revealed and 8% increase in students completing the FAFSA and enrolling in college.

Text Messaging Increases Rate of Returning Freshman

Author Casper College

An identical study shows that for filing the FAFSA community college freshman that receive informational support are 12 percent more likely to continue to their sophomore year. What’s it about text messaging which is really successful?

The premise is simple, if text messaging can breaking down FAFSA into a managable process, what other potential does it have for higher educations. Listed here are three excellent strategies on how texting can assist college-bound learners throughout the application process using Hollerback! Interactive Messaging & Alerts:

Deadline reminders – The college admissions procedure requires many deadlines for diverse applications, and pupils can often get overwhelmed with monitoring them all. A series of text reminders that alerts the students of the requirements and the deadlines reduces the chances for deadlines to be missed. Admissions experts may also offer to create appointments with individuals over-text communications to supply additional support, since text messages or opened and read 98% of the time within 15 minutes.

Live Chat – Live SMS conversation permits Admissions and the candidate to have a one-on-one conversations immediately. The advantage of SMS support, is students can ask questions about registration can scheduler appointments with thier advisor using online appointment portals such as Hollerback! a student centered interactive messaging and alert system for higher education.  Studies demonstrate that colleges offering interactive SMS solutons such as Hollerback! increase admissions and retention rates.

Notify-a-Friend – Studies shows that students are far more prone to do something once they discover their peers is engaged in the same process. If students view their pals texting about school admissions, they will be more willing to do the same. This is where incentives to engage students usig the program to refer a friends to engage i.

These are only a few methods text-messaging can help retain students.  To learn more about how to engage students via text messages, reach out visit Hollerback!, a student centered engagement solution for higher educations or call 203-715-4780




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