Mobile Marketing Compliance

 CTIA – The Wireless Association

CTIA, formerly known as CTIA – The Wireless Association, is a nonprofit membership organization and advocacy group representing all sectors of the wireless communications industry in the United States.

CTIA and its member companies work to protect consumers while fostering a competitive environment for short code programs. We aim to Provide consumers the best possible user experience;  Honor consumer choices and prevent abuse of messaging platforms;  Deliver flexible guidelines that communicate compliance values clearly; if necessary, to protect consumers quickly and consistently.

CTIA’s Wireless Value Proposition: “Wireless Connectivity Fuels Industry Growth and Innovation in Energy, Health, Public Safety, and Transportation”

The Short Code Compliance Handbook (Handbook) guidelines lay the framework for achieving these goals, but CTIA reserves the right to take action against any short code program deemed to cause consumer harm. The Handbook is not intended as a comprehensive guide to compliance with laws and regulations that apply to short code programs. Service providers are responsible for meeting legal requirements that apply to short code programs they offer, and CTIA and its members make no representation that meeting the guidelines in this Handbook is sufficient to assure legal compliance. Consultation with legal counsel is recommended strongly.

Consider joining CTIA as a member and help shape the wireless future.


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