No More Waiting Rooms: Queue Management Systems for Hospitals and Health Care Providers

Feb 20, 2012   //   by admin   //   Health Care

Patient Pager Queue Systems using SMS Messaging Can Increase Patient Satisfaction.

Patient satisfaction is now a core measure of a hospital’s performance.  Primitive patient pagers system just don’t cut it anymore.  Emergency departments are required to track and manage wait times.  ORs need the ability to communicate to families once a patient is out of surgery. Outpatient clinics, FQHCs and physician practices all need a better solutions to manage their congested waiting rooms and patient pagers are an infection control issue.  More importantly, patients satisfaction starts at the door.  Enhancing patient flow through process redesign is an effective way to minimize wait times but ultimately there is still going to be a wait.  The challenge is how to midigate the anxiety associated with waiting.  A cool new way is by implementing a queue management system that empowers the patient or family member by giving them a sense of control. The next generation patient pager systems are truly queue management systems with interactive capabilities through ubiquitous mobile phone.  In other words, today’s patient pager system is the cell phone.

There are number of queue systems on the market today but few that cater to the unique needs of the health care market. Privacy and security are huge concerns as well as infection control.  A handful of system address these concerens head on but we found only one specificlly design for health care, Queue Mobile health care solution Patient Q. Patient Q is an interactive queue management system that uses SMS messaging to communicate with patients / families while they wait. This innovative HIPAA compliant technology enables the patient or family to interact with the queue using simple text reply commands, thus increasing their sense of control and satisfaction. Patients / families are free to move about the campus, while avoiding contagions associate with crowded waiting rooms. Staff can effectively manage multiple queues (waits) from a single web portal. Patient Q offers an optional self serve kiosk and digital display integration.

Patient Q™ is a software as a service (SaaS), ideal for busy health care providers such as hospitals, urgent care clinics, pharmacies and labs who are seeking a solution to enhance patient satisfaction through better management of the waiting room experience.
Staff can effectively manage one or multiple queues (virtual waiting lines) from a single website with the capability of moving one patient from one queue to another with a mouse click.

To learn more about Patient Q visit or contact Brandon Munson, FACHE at 1-888-669-9729.
Brandon Munson, FACHE is a health care consultant specializing in strategic planning and health information technology. His firm is Fulcrum Design, LLc.

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