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How QueueMobile’s Social Distancing Automated virtual queuing system can dramatically reduce the risk transmission with its customer flow control technology. Unlike essential retailers attempting to mitigate the risk of community spread associated with crowding in the store, they are moving the crowd outside the door standing in congested waiting lines. Waiting lines are a linear form of crowding,  the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for your customers and employees is proportionate to the size of the waiting line.

Big-box retailers and government agencies are investing time and money to enforce social distancing with customers inline. Labor costs can range from 32hrs. to 40 hrs. a day. However, social distancing is two parts, physical distance and exposure time. Effective social distancing, for face to face conversations, or while waiting in line, where there are multiple conversions, for example, requires six feet between you and the people around for no longer than 2 minutes.

Solution – QueueMobile™ Social Distancing Suite of Solutions.  

How QueueMobile Social Distancing Software Works

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QueueMobile’s suite of virtual queuing software automates social distancing by digitally managing customer flow using interactive SMS messaging, the result, the elimination of crowded waiting lines.  Replacing physical waiting lines with virtual waiting lines, dramatically reducing the risk of community spread. QueueMobile’s interactive software features optimize customer throughput while maintaining the appropriate distance. and customer volume. 

Customer Experience
Virtual queuing using interactive text messages, or digital display customer queuing directories, increases customer satisfaction by effectively lowering the anxiety of standing in line. Depending upon the software and package, clients can offer customers the ability to interact with the system, by using reply commands to check their status in line, request more time and leave the line. 
Customers have multiple ways to join a queue. Simple embedded QueueMobile’s web widget in the department’s web page for easy access. Direct customers to the web portal before they enter the building. The web widget includes control settings, for example setting the open time and the close time. Upon joining a queue the customers will receive an optin text confirming their place in the virtual waiting line.

QueueMobile Social Distancing Software Features and Functions

QueueMobile Enterprise
QueueMobile Enterprise is a multi queuing, multi-user interactive virtual workflow solution or can be deployed as a centralized One Stop solution.  

Digital Workflow
QueueMobile Enterprise workflow can deploy up to eight queues, each queue makes up a digital workflow. Queue Managers can pass along updates to the next department by adding a note to the customer’s queues. Customers don’t need to hop from line to line, Queue Managers can virtually transfer customers from one queue to another creating a seamless customer center journey. The public health benefit is eliminating the need for multiple waiting lines while reducing the number of customers moving throughout your building, thus controlling the level of potential exposure throughout the building. Customers can be directed to return to their vehicles while they wait to be notified by the next department. Customers will be kept in the know, in real-time when they are transferred to the other department including what position they are in the new queue.  

Social Distancing Automation
QueueMobile Social Distancing Software

One Stop and Multi-Select Queuing
One Stop is a single customer service queue that is excellent to enhance existing social distancing strategy, that unfortunately gets undermined by waiting lines during peak times, for example product customer pick up or restaurant take out.  Retailers can manage their customer service and return waiting lines. Upon customer check-in customers can select a reason for their customer service visit. Retailers can prioritize customer service visits, based on complexity or time to resolve the issue. Concerns or questions that can be resolved with a phone call should be. Customers are notified by text to address their customer service needs such as curbside side pic social distancing through customer flow control can throttle throughput, increase efficiency and productivity while keeping employees and customers safe from COVID-19. QueueMobile’s multiple queuing solution can manage customer flow for multiple departments within a store or multiple independent stores in a mall or plaza.   User of QueueMobile and work independently or department when transferring a customer to another department’s queue.  Digital Workflow – Customer Centered Journey. To learn more contact Fulcrum Design Interactive  

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