Restaurant Marketing Ideas…Far Beyond Print Ads

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Restaurant Solutions

Mobile VIPIn the world of restaurant marketing ideas THAT ARE WORKING for other restaurant owners, very few have as immediate an impact as a new restaurant pager system called Mobile Matradee. This mobile SMS marketing system instantly gives you the ability to text message people as to the availability of tables at your restaurant.

Restaurant marketing ideas come an go, but to suddenly be able to fill tables
through a mobile device is stunning. With this new restaurant call ahead seating system you can leverage the explosive growth of mobile phones to drive instant traffic to your restaurant when you need it. Now that’s a great resturant marketing idea, restaurant beeper system that can drive traffic!

Take email marketing for restaurants entirely to the next level with Mobile Matradee.

Mobile Matradee, a revolution in restaurant beeper systems, harvests guest cell phone numbers through the permission based Mobile Matradee restaurant pager system. Guests are given the option to receive mobile offers right to their cell phone, such as text coupons and mobile menus!

A great restaurant marketing idea is not only sending text coupons to drive traffic almost instantly but also the mobile menu feature. Guests can subscribe to recieve your menu right on thier cell phone instantly! No need to fax or wait for them to come to your website. Think about this resturant markeitng idea to drive traffic on a slow night like Tuesday or Wednesday, send a weekday value menu right to there cell phone! 95% of text messages are read and 75% are read instantly. If you put the right value out there they’ll respond.

Another brilliant restaurant marketing idea is using Mobile VIP’s mobile trivia application. Mix it up a bit. Instead of just text coupons and menus lets have some fun. Mobile trivia is a great way to engage your guests. Guests can play an interactive trivia game right on their phone. Use it to drive trivia players to your trivia night. Or send a mobile trivia to drive traffic with a redemption offer for those who win, for example guests who get 10 out of 15 questions correct gets a free drink, 15 out 15 might get a free appetizer! Try our mobile phone trivia demo on the web. Click to Demo Mobile Trivia

While the flow of restaurant marketing ideas will never cease, the sudden and verypowerful ability for you to seat new tables through the mobile devices of people who simply want to know that those tables are ready is a restaurant marketing idea whose time has come.

Bon apetit.

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