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Restaurant Reservation System that can increase your ROI in three ways!

Take your restaurant pager and toss it into your 1990’s garbage bin. The world of the restaurant reservation system and restaurant call ahead seating has completely come of age in a revolutionary new system called Mobile Matradee.

Mobile Matradee is an affordable, cutting edge 3 in 1 restaurant solution. First it’s a restaurant paging system that uses the client’s cell phone to notify the guest their table is ready at the exact moment that it becomes ready, thus increase guest satisfaction while turning your tables quicker. Second, Mobile Matradee’s Reservation Matradee is a flexible reservation system that enables you to confirm a guests reservation with a text or voice message right to there cell phone, eliminating no shows while increasing your table turn efficiency. Lastly, drive traffic with those cell numbers by offering Mobile VIP a mobile restaurant rewards program right to your guest cell phone. Great for last might business.
Restaurant pager systems can cost anywhere between $2000 and $5000. And replacing restaurant pagers can be as high as $70 per pagers per month. (That is a huge cost that is literally walking out of your restaurant every month.)
Mobile Matradee® is an incredible advancement in restaurant paging systems
in that it is a both a voice and text based restaurant beeper system that can lower your operating costs while enhancing the guest experience.
Mobile Matradee’s web hosted restaurant paging system enables you to lower your operating costs by suddenly being able to send a text or voice seating message to your guest cell phone to either confirm and remind them of their pending reservation or to alert them their table is ready.
If you are looking for real ways that social marketing can seat more tables in your restaurant, you must look at Mobile Matradee, the world’s most affordable and flexible restaurant wait list management software that sends messages that are opened at an astounding 97%. Just another great restaurant marketing idea by Mobile Matradee.
Mobile Matradee can increase the ROI of your restaurant.
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