SMS Queue Management System for Customer Flow and Banking

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Most banks get poor marks when it comes to customer flow. Poor customer flow keeps customers waiting, leading to disgruntled customers who are (naturally) upset with their lost time. With intense competition in the banking industry, can you afford to have disgruntled customers?

Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of any business; and the banking industry is no different. You might offer the best consumer finance products to your customers, but if the overall customer experience is poor, sadly, nothing else matters.

Enhancing the Overall Customer Experience
A guaranteed way to see pleasant faces in your bank is by eliminating physical queues for services. SMS queue management systems such as Queue can do that easily as they manage virtual queues and have integrated SMS text messaging facility. So customers who enter their details into the system

  • receive an SMS alert about their position in the queue,
  • need not wait in physical lines for the fear of missing their turn,
  • are free to utilize their waiting time constructively.

The perfect recipe for a happy customer you say? But wait… it gets better.


Transform the customer experience from ‘good’ to ‘great’ by applying the SMS queue management system for managing the customer flow in your bank.

 Before proceeding further, a quick look at:

What is customer flow management?

It is defined as managing the flow of customers right from the point of contact with the company (in this case, the bank) to the point of service delivery.

SMS Queue Management Systems for Customer Flow Management in Banks

  • The relevant details about the various bank services, agents and customers are fed into the system. A customer can send an SMS text message to the system with the code of the particular service he wants. The system processes the data and sends an SMS alert to the customer providing the following information:

a)    the right bank agent to meet with

b)    and the time of the meeting.

Customers don’t appreciate being passed around from counter to counter in search of the right agent, nor do they want to waste time waiting. The system effectively takes care of both issues.

  • To avail certain services, the customer may need to move from one counter to another. The SMS queue management system can manage multiple virtual queues. So once the customer has finished with one counter and that is registered on the system, he automatically receives an alert on his position in the next queue.
  • Customers can interact directly with self-service kiosks on the premises to check their position in the queue. They also have the option to delay their turn or opt out if they need to. The system registers the request and everyone else in the queue automatically receives an update about their changed positions.

SMS Queue Management System Benefits to the Bank

Restaurant’s have been using SMS queue management systems such as Mobile Matradee for years. The  banking sector can benefit in a number of ways:

  • Improved customer flow results in greater customer satisfaction.
  • Waiting customers who know their waiting time are better receptive to any promotional campaigns that you may be having.
  • Bank operational efficiencies increase as every agent is aware in advance about the needs of the customer.


Implementing the SMS queue management system in banks is a great way to enhance the efficiency of the customer flow and to reap the rewards of increased customer satisfaction. To learn more visit


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