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How Text Messaging by College Admissions Can Increase Enrollment

Apr 11, 2017   //   by admin   //   Higher Education

Hollerback! is an SMS higher education student engagement platform.  SMS or Text Messaging is effective for college student enrollment and engagement.  99% of college students text message, according to a Ball State Study, students perfer SMS text messaging over all other forms of communication.  SMS has been around since 1985 and although the cell phone has evolved into a “Smart” phone,  the overwhelming use of today’s cell phone is not for voice calls or even Facebook, it SMS messaging. According to Elisia Guerena article, Breaking Down the FAFSA with SMS Drives Higher Enrollment She notes text messaging is the key to egaging with millennials.  For a lot of high school seniors, paperwork like the FAFSA can seem hopeless. So hopeless, actually, that students don’t fill it —and hence don’t successfully register for college. Not good for higher education and not good for high school graduating students.  Like anything complex, what happens when […]

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