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Software Development

Dec 31, 2011   //   by admin   //   Software Development and Designs

This picture can also be seen as the life cycle of a program. As each step of production phase is a new cycle in itself each cycle has also its own end product. The Analysis delivers a report and Design creates both Functional and Technical reports, the specifications of a program. The Creation cycle produces the program (finally) The Testing cycle tells the programmers what was either not according to specifications or resulted in errors. After implementation (introduction and installation of the program at the user’s workplace) software starts a production cycle. If the company or department is doing a good job (after sales) an evaluation cycle follows after the program has gone into production. From that evaluation complaints, suggestions, errors and new user requirements are used for a new Analysis cycle: a so called MoSCoW list is created and used in the Analysis cycle. Moscow means: Must have, Should […]

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Map of first floor.