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Pharmacy Queuing Systems – A Value Proposition

Aug 13, 2013   //   by admin   //   Health Care

Long queues at pharmacies and the associated waiting times for customers is a challenge facing many pharmacies around the world today. This is not a new reality but has become heightened in recent times due the lack of qualified pharmacists available in the market. Traditional methods employed by pharmacies to improve the customer experience have focused on creating comfortable waiting areas, some level of entertainment (e.g. a television) and possibly serving refreshments. In recent years, however, automated queuing technology has been successfully developed and applied in areas of pharmacy practice that specifically address customer waiting times. These systems are typically PC or internet based and can track a multitude of useful information that was previously very difficult to quantify for pharmacy managers. Variables such as customer arrival and departure times, patterns of arrival, prescription fill time, waiting time, and individual staff member productivity can all be recorded. Customers also benefit […]

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