The Best Restaurant Rewards Program?!? Let’s Book Some Tables And Talk About It!

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Restaurant Solutions

In addition to being a revolution in restaurant paging systems, Mobile Matradee essentially enables your new SMS customers to become involved in any restaurant rewards program that you can imagine.

And the response to this instant way to enable call ahead restaurant seating is being noticed throughout the restaurant industry. And for very good reasons:

* 4 billion people with cell phones

* 5 times more mobile phones than laptops and computers

* 272 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. 91% of them keep their phone within three feet of themselves 24/7

* SMS (Text messaging) is actively used by 76% of cell phone users. That’s 3.1
billion people

* SMS has a whopping 97% open rate…

The need to find the best restaurant pager system is upon you whether you choose to get in line or not…and Mobile Matradee is a platform that has already changed the seating in restaurants in many parts of the US.

The old restaurant beepers are gone.

In its place is Mobile Matradee…and in addition to enabling you to seat more tables through SMS text messaging, Mobile Matradee also enables you to create the best restaurant rewards programs possible.

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