The Call Ahead Seating System That Has Caught The Attention Of The Savvy Restaurant Owner

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Restaurant Solutions

There is a absolutely cool new call ahead seating system for restaurants that has fully embraced social mobile marketing as it enables the booking of tables in a way never seen before. Yes that right, no more costly restaurant beeper systems or a grease pen and paper.

Mobile Matradee’s Wait List Matradee enables patrons to receive an instant SMS text message or voice message notifying them when there table opens. Rather than the clunky restaurant beepers that seemed to constantly walk out the door every week (despite your best efforts), with Mobile Matradee, those people waiting for your best tables to avail themselves will receive a text or voice message right to their mobile phone.

No need to worry about your restaurant wait list as Mobile Matradee integrates with your call ahead seating system perfectly. A restaurant fortunate enough to have a wait list needs to maximize the opportunity to turn the tables quickly and efficiency and some times call ahead seating is not that efficient but it’s what your customers want so how do you give them what they want without losing efficiencies? Wait List Matradee is the 3 in 1 restaurant wait list program with a call ahead seating system built in.

Call aheads and walk ins will not be in competition for your prime tables as Mobile Matradee seamlessly and efficiently enables you to accommodate both with it’s web hosted restaurant wait list management system. Mobile Matradee is the call ahead restaurant seating system you have been waited for. Best of all it doesn’t cost extra!

The third powerful component of Mobile Matradee is its restaurant mobile marketing program, Mobile VIP. Welcome to a new age in restaurant marketing ideas that work. Mobile Matradee is the revolution in restaurant paging systems that is sure to increase ROI night after night while lifting the brand of your establishment clearly into the 21st century.

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