The Power of MMS Messaging for Business

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9 Campaigns on how to put MMS Mobile Marketing to work for your business

By Nupur Maskara

Words generally can’t do a picture justice. Have you ever asked why? That is on account of our brains our brain processes images much faster. How might you use the force of the visual medium? MMS informing can help your business get an edge over other brands that are competing for your market segments consideration.

Instructions to Use MMS Messaging to Business Communication

MMS Marketing Case Studies

BMW got a 30% conversion rate[1] with a MMS strategy that sold snow tires. It utilized MMS in conjunction with its client database to make to a great degree customized pictures of how the snow tire most appropriate for the client’s BMW would look on his auto.

Starbucks created a buzz around another a new seasonal drink this year, Pumpkin Spice Latte, utilizing an MMS campaign. It utilized online networking to get the message out about the drink and direct fans to their site. Upon arriving at the campaign website, fans had to optin to get the MMS with a special code that would give them early access to the new drink.

MMS informing is a flexible method for business correspondence. Regardless of whether you are a social media market, sales or support, you can achieve more conversions for you clients, utilizing MMS.

4 Mobile marketing strategies leveraging the power the picture, video or audio through MMS to convert customers.

1. Coupons-A scannable coupon makes it simple for customers to reclaim offers, since it’s on the telephone, a gadget they take all over. Organizations decrease the danger of a coupon being utilized different circumstances.

2. Contests – You can simply depend on a photo of the prize to draw a larger number of reactions than you would have from a plain content. Request that candidates answer by content, to make it simpler for them to partake.

3. Video clip MMS messages are more than pictures. Videos increase brand recall by 33%[2] and message review by 45%, as per an AC Nielsen and IAB report. For instance, Movie theaters can send mystery trailers to their mobile subscribers.
Pictures often get shared, unlike text and MMSs increase your reach.

4. GIFs-Looking for a moment to connect personally with your subscribers? Share GIFs identified with states of mind of forthcoming celebrations, to tap into the positive feeling they have for these occasions. You can likewise newsjacking with GIFs, to make your image important. GIFs are great for sharing, so you are probably going to contact a bigger crowd than you would without MMS.

Twos strategies Sales campaign using MMS can create a sense of urgency driving sales sooner.

5. The ‘meet and greet’ is an important initial phase in the sales cycle. Imagine a scenario in which you could do this for all intents and purposes. MMS can help your client put a face to your name. Here’s an illustration. Home purchasing is an arduous procedure, where the client needs to trust his broker all through. On the off chance that a real estate broker sends a MMS acquainting himself with a prospect, that is an extraordinary method for beginning on the correct foot. He can go ahead to share MMSs of properties coordinating the prospect’s criteria, to make it simple for him to waitlist the ones he needs to visit.

6. Visualization = Seeing is accepting. On the off chance that a prospect can see your item, he will probably be intrigued. Enterprises like nourishment and tourism, which depend on the force of pictures and recordings to change over leads, can likewise MMS prospects to move them quicker through the pipeline, counter protests and make solid CTAs.

Three approaches to hold more clients with MMS informing in administration

7. Documentation-Wouldn’t your client think that its helpful to send and get archives you and he require through his telephone? Like this, you can accelerate reaction time and decrease cost. For example, in the protection business, the snappier the required archives are imparted to the insurance agency, the quicker claims can be handled. By empowering clients to send supporting records through MMS, insurance agencies can build consumer loyalty. Conveyance reports for MMSs can be affirmed effectively, which won’t not be the situation for physical documentation.

8. Operations-The conceivable outcomes for utilizing MMS in operations and support are perpetual. Here’s one. On the off chance that clients can take a photograph of a faulty item and MMS it to you, it will be simpler for you to comprehend the issue. Alternately suppose you send tickets using MMS. Clients will be less inclined to lose them, as that will likewise include them losing their telephones. Carriers can send tickets to travelers as MMSs. Games and show tickets can likewise be sent by MMS, expanding operational productivity.

9. Sound You can send directions to clients for introducing an item, for example, as a sound document. They can hear it out, again and again, making it advantageous for them to comprehend and take after.


MMS message is an intense approach to making your subscribers sit up and see take noice.. By customizing it utilizing information from your CRM and joining it with your other correspondence channels, you can incredibly expand the effect of your message. Whichever industry and capacity you are in, this visual medium of MMS informing is certain to get you more clients and income for your business.

To design MMS in your organization reach out to Socious Mobile for assistance.

[1]: BMW MMS Campaign Gets 30 Percent Conversion Rate

[2]: If a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, What Is a Video Worth? video-production_b_4996655.html

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