The Restaurant Beeper System…And Then Suddenly We’re Booked Tonight Relief, Must be Mobile MatradeeThe Restaurant Beeper System…And Then Suddenly We’re Booked Tonight Relief, Must be Mobile Matradee

Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   Restaurant Solutions

You’re about to discover a restaurant beeper system unlike any other.

We all know that SMS text messaging is the wave of the future with local merchants using it to increase revenues by $3.1 Billion by 2013, now implementing your own mobile marketing strategy could not be easier. A restaurant seating management solution that functions as a restaurant beeper system with an integrated restaurant marketing program built right in!! What a great restaurant marketing idea. Think about it, what’s the most direct marketing there is? How about a text coupon right to your guest’s cell phone. Mobile marketing is proven:

  • 95% of text messages are read
  • 75% of text messages are read instantly
  • Mobile coupon promotion have been as high as 10% to 15% responses
  • 9 out 10 of your customers have a cell phone.

Mobile Matradee is the The restaurant marketing idea that takes the concept of direct marketing and email marketing to a whole new level!

Mobile Campaign Strategies
Another great restaurant marketing idea is the ability for customers to opt-in to receive your daily specials right to their cell phone. I bet you are faxing that lunch menu daily, now enable your guests to receive your daily lunch specials right to their phone. Incorporate your promos and drive business instantly. Check out the presentation!

Call ahead seating has gone the social marketing route and restaurant owners could not be more thrilled. Mobile Matradee offers a seating management and table management solution with a Call A Heading seating program free of charge. Call A Heading seating is a huge customer convenience that is traditionally challenging for restaurants to manage. Mobile Matradee’s restaurant seating program solve the program, creating the efficiencies you need to optimize your table turns and increase your revenue.

We all know that SMS messaging is the wave of the future with local merchants using it to increase revenues.

Operating Savings!
Forget the need to equip your restaurant with a restaurant paging system that may be costly to implement and then VERY COSTLY to maintain.

The dilemma facing most restaurant beeper systems is their high front end capital equipment costs along with their ongoing replacement costs. Busy restaurant’s have to replace restaurant beepers 2 or 3 times per month. That’s roughly $140 to $200 in additional operating costs!

Introducing Mobile Matradee. The Mobile Matradee restaurant paging system sends a text or voice message to the guest notifying them their table is ready, where ever they are! Guests appreciate the freedom and operators appreciate the efficiency and the savings associated with Mobile Matradee’s restaurant seating management solution.

To learn more about the Mobile Matradee (how’s that for a name you couldn’t forget if you tried) contact us today!

Restaurant beeper systems. A true innovation for restaurant owners everywhere. Check out our website or at
Mobile Marketing Presentation in the side bar.

Brandon Munson

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