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Dec 9, 2011   //   by admin   //   SEO

If you’ve been involved with IM for any length of time, you should be aware of the power and value of social bookmarking for rapid indexing, backlinks, or traffic. It burst onto the scene several years ago, and there does not seem to be any let-up in its popularity. If you have not yet taken advantage of their power, then you’re either too rich and famous to need them or you’re just losing out. We’ll move forward to cover some tips and ideas for realizing their power in your own business, today.

Submitting high quality content that is relevant, and doing it often, will go far to help you gain traffic. What you will be doing is helping to establish trust in you with the other people, and that will be the foundation for good business. You will not have those benefits, though, if all you do is submit content and nothing else. You can do something like form your own group, or groups, and get to know people a little more. Forming these contacts and relationships will help you if you post good content and people like it.

People on these various bookmarking sites really like to read news and information that is fresh. Always avoid submitting stories or information that is universally known and nothing new at all. People love going to these sites to find something that didn’t know already. So finding something that is relatively unknown or never shared will have the best chances of being popular and voted for. Do be very sure that your facts are straight and in order before you post anything. You do not want to be remembered for having incorrect facts.

There are submission times that are better than others, too. You only get about 24 hours of time to stick to the first page of the bookmarking site.

So it doesn’t make sense to submit your content at a time when your target visitors won’t be online. If your timing is off, then they could arrive after your bookmark has been covered by all the newer ones submitted after yours. A good way to deal with this problem is to go through trial and error to discover the perfect time to submit your content and get a high response. In general, you can leverage social bookmarking sites to get more traffic and make your search engine rank higher as well. Just keep the above tips in mind when you start on your bookmarking venture and make sure you avoid any common mistakes that would waste your efforts. In short, do your homework before you actually put together your act.

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