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Welcome to Meridian City Hall’s Virtual Lobby.

The City’s COVID-19 transmission precautions require rigorous social distancing to protect the health of our citizens and employees. City Hall has implemented a virtual queuing system to assure safe and consistent social distancing protocols. The virtual queuing system enables the departments to avoid crowding by managing the flow of visitors at any given time. Visitors are free from standing in line. When it is your turn, you will get a text notification inviting you to visit the department. Start by entering the Virtual Lobby:

  • Enter your name
  • Enter your 10 digital mobile number
  • Select consent to receive text notifications
  • Select the department you plan to visit

Check your mobile phone for a text confirming the department and your position in the virtual waiting line. If you are in the wrong department’s queue, reply L to leave the line and start the process over.

Redesigned Remote Customer Web Portal

The redesign Virtual Lobby is a robust customer web portal that can be embedded into your website or simply a link on your website, when clicked opens to a stand alone mobile web portal.

Features in professional Service Desk point of entry. You configure the portal’s open and close time. The Service Desk, when open, will pass the customer through to enter the Lobby.
When the portal is closed the customer will not be passed through.
Upon opening, walking customers join remotely, no need to come into the building. They will select a department and a corresponding reason for their visit from a drop down selector. They will get an autoresponder text messages confirming they have enter the department queue they choose and what position they are in the virtual waiting line.
The Check-in Service desk is designed for customers who have appointments, when they arrive, they uses the Check-in feature to notify the department or individual they are present. Again, preventing visitors from entering the building or crowding outside the building. (Check-in Service desk is not a scheduling solution, just a check-in notification solution).
All from the safety of their vehicle.

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