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Maybe you have been on the fence with executing a mobile marketing campaign. You see the iPhone everywhere, perhaps you even have one. You now find yourself texting, at least to your teenage children. Perhaps you are using your phone as a tool rather than a communication device, to get directions via your GPS, to find a restaurant or phone number through your mobile Internet and what about all these mobile applications?

Mobile Facts and Figures
Now we know Google,the grand daddy of internet search and advertising has launched it’s own mobile operating system, the Droid along with it’s own handset!!! Think about it, what is a search engine / advertising company investing so heavily in the mobile channel for? Because it’s the future of how we as a mobile society communicate and market to each other and it’s hear today. Lets refresh some of the statistics:
• 4 billion people with cell phones
• 5 times more mobile phones than laptops and computers
• 272 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. 91% of them
keep their phone within three feet of themselves 24/7
• SMS (Text messaging) is actively used by 76% of cell phone users.
That’s 3.1 billion people
• SMS text message have a whopping 97% open rate
• 22 million people access information via their cell phones in 2009, up from
10 million just a year ago and 9.3 million of those users access social
media sites via their mobile web browser on a daily basis!

Big brands have been experimenting with mobile marketing for quite sometime. As a result of thier success they are committing to it as part of thier integrated marketing strategy. Probably the most evident and popular is the My Cokes Reward campaign, the largest of its kind. We learned through that campaign that the average age of today’s texter is 38 years old (not just teenagers anymore). We have learned that mobile campaigns executed correctly can reap 12% to 15% response rates over the 2% associated with traditional media.

Why Mobile, Why Now

A new study by marketing technology provider Unica, reveals the rapid increase in the growth of mobile marketing. According to the Unica survey nearly 1/3 of marketers are mobile. When asked if their company currently uses or plans to use mobile marketing tactics, such as mobile messaging, applications and/or websites, 33% said their company currently uses these tactics. Another 24% said their company plans to use mobile tactics within the next 12 months, and 13% said they will use mobile tactics in more than the next 12 months (The Unica Global Marketing Survey, 2010).

Channel Specifics

SMS/MMS/WAP has the highest current usage rate, 37%. Another 38% of respondents plan to use SMS/MMS/WAP in the next 12 months, and 15% plan to use it in longer than the next 12 months. Only 5% of respondents have no plans and 5% don’t know (The Unica Global Marketing Survey, 2010).
Although mobile websites and applications have lower current usage rates, they are both expected to grow in proportion to SMS/MMS/WAP in the next 12 months, and grow at a slightly higher rate beyond that. Thirty-three percent of respondents currently use mobile websites, with 33% expecting to use them in the next 12 months and 17% planning to use them beyond the next 12 months. Eight percent of respondents have no plans to use mobile websites and 7% don’t know. Here’s an example of a great mobile site http://wap.mycokerewards.com
Mobile applications have similar response rates to mobile websites, with 31% of respondents currently using them and 32% expecting to use them in the next 12 months. Mobile applications have the highest percentage of respondents planning to use them beyond the next 12 months, 22%. Eight percent of respondents have no plans and 7% don’t know (The Unica Global Marketing Survey, 2010).

What’s Fueling the Growth

According to ComScore what is fueling mobile marketing as a mainstream channel is the exploding growth in smart phones due to the 3G/4G networks and the proliferation of mobile application (comScore mobiLens data). Think about it, over 49 million iPhone’s have been solid! This is the future.
Between December 2008 and December 2009, the percentage of US mobile phone subscribers with unlimited data plans increased from 16% to 21%, with several phones now requiring an unlimited data plan subscription at the time of purchase. During the same period, smartphone ownership increased from 11% to 17%, while 3G phone ownership increased from 32% to 43% (comScore mobiLens data).

Where Do I Start

Fulcrum Design’s mobile suite includes our marketing platform Mobile VIP. A cost effective, powerful and yet simple SMS mobile marketing plaform that can get your mobile campaign in the hands of your customers right now. Mobile VIP send instant promotions, alerts, 2Dbar codes and mobile WAP pushes right to your customer’s cell phone.

Our restaurant marketing idea Mobile Matratee, is the latest in restaurant pager system solution. No need for costly restaurant coaster pagers just collect your guest cell number and sent them a voice or text seating message when their table is ready. Mobile Matradee’s restaurant pager system is an excellent way to harvest cell numbers through our permission based mobile marketing subscriber campaign. Mobile Matradee is integrated with Mobile VIP to seamlessly collect and send mobile campaigns to your Mobile VIP customers. Mobile Matradee is not only an alternative to restaurant beeper systems it works great for hotels too.

For a free consultation contact us at Fulcrum Design click the link http://www.fulcrumdesignllc.com or visit us at http://www.mobilematradee.com . You can call use at 888-669-9729

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