Windows Installer Errors

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Windows installer could be explained as an engine that is responsible for installation and removal of application in Windows operating system. It is a part of the Windows Installer Service, a technology created by Microsoft to standardize installations on the Windows platform.

Windows installer error typically has two main reasons. One of them occurs when any of installer files is currupted or missing. This leads to Windows not being able to launch right system files to finish installation of software. File that Windows is trying to start is corrupt, meaning that the data and code is either scrambled or incomplete and thus cannot be fixed within the system. This kind of error occurs often when program is downloaded from the internet. The other type of error is associated with Windows installer MSI (Microsoft Software installation) package file, which could be in use while installing a software.

One day you may see an error message stating “An error has occurred with Windows Installer Service”. This message generally pops up when user tries to install or uninstall a software. It is hard to determine what caused the problem, you can check what error indicates by checking description of error number.

You can find plenty of information regarding different ways to fix Windows installer. They will guide you through various steps that must be done to fix Windows installer. For some people these directions can be quite confusing. If you are one of them, then you certainly want a simple alternative – Registry Easy.

This software will fix Windows installer with a click of a button. All you have to do is to install it the program on your PC and run it. Registry Easy will locate all errors that can also be fixed fast and easy. Fixing of these errors will accelerate your PC. Read my story about how I was able to <a href=””>fix Windows Installer</a> and numerous other errors.

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